Chapter 01: Wat Ambhavana Transfers Merit to His Majesty

Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol

May the blessing be with male and female worshippers, honoured audience, dhamma seekers and prosperous ones. The fact that you have an opportunity to come and listen to the chanting of Dhammacakka (The Wheel of Truth) is considered fortunate for all of you. Usually, at this temple, there is a chanting of Dhammacakka verse every ninth date of the month since 1994.

Dhammacakka verse is the First Sermon given by the Buddha to Pan~cavaggi-ya (the five ascetics who, after listening to this First Sermon, became the first five disciples). Reason for chanting this verse is, to transfer merit to Their Majesties who have excellent virtues.

All of you, transference of merit by meditation practice is like having an audience with Their Majesties. I have done this for so long. I transfer merit to Their Majesties every day. As for this transference of merit, once we are proficient at it, we can transfer merit to our enemy. The foe will certainly become friend. Even they hate us, are bored and leave us or pledge vengeance against us, they can become friendly to us. That was why the Buddha taught us to radiate loving-kindness.

If you have not had dhamma, do not radiate loving-kindness to your loved ones or your enemies. There might be vindication instead, because your mind has not reached the dhamma yet. When the mind is not meritorious, there will only be vengeance to each other. The more you radiate, the more vengeances arise up to the point of not wanting to see your face or even think of you.

Once you are deeply-felt with the Buddha’s teachings, only then you can radiate. The loving-kindness that you radiate will be effective. You will no longer be enemy with any one. Others will think of your goodness, which will be beneficial to you all.

If you come to listen to the chanting of Dhammacakka verse on the ninth date of every month or on your birthday, that will be excellent. The ninth date can infer to progress and prosperity. Your offspring will achieve Masters or Doctorate Degree. This is if you believe me. If you do not, it is up to you. I have not spoken in expectant of your belief or your donation. Your faith is up to you. No one can control it.

We have to be moulded by our own mind and faith in order that our merit making will produce good result. This is beneficial to those who make merit with good intention.

I practise meditation and transfer merit to Their Majesties every day. I also chant the blessing verse together with the Sangha in the Uposatha Hall every day.

From then on, a miracle of merit arose causing Their Majesties to realize our transference of merit. Whereas Their Majesties have never known where this temple is, finally they know.

Their Majesties the King and Queen have faith and presented Sanghadana as the meal expense for monks and novices of Wat Ambavana for five times. This is the power of merit.

We have never expected anything from our transference of merit. We just see that Their Majesties have exerted themselves to help the people.

If you are civil servants, working as eyes and ears of the King, do transfer merit to His Majesty every day. You will be prosperous in rank. Even if you are a small wheel now, you will rise up. The result of merit will be extended to your children.

I have read the biographies of the Thai Kings since Sukhothai, Ayudhya to Rattanakosindra period. There have been more than 50 kings. The longest reigning King in our history was King Chulalongkorn. He reigned for 43 years. He passed away at the age of 58.

His Majesty the present king is now 68 years old and will have reigned for 50 years this year. The government will stage a large celebration. We chant Dhammacakka verse as part of the celebration.

Since his access to the throne, His Majesty has been exhausted. He has worked for the happiness of the people all along. He has inintiated the Royal Projects for the government to help the people. He has enquired of their well-beings if the rice crops and irregation have been good. How is their farming and crops? Ordinary people can tell him in the royal interview. He arranged the irregation system until rural people including hilltribes have water for consumption.

His Majesty realizes that we have transferred merit to him. So, he desires to present Sanghadana since 1994. The merit proceeds in return to us.

Thus, merit causes another merit. Sin causes another sin. You patron can choose for yourself. It is up to you if you choose the sin to cause another sin and trouble. When your mind is meritorious and full of loving-kindness, you will be happy and cool wherever you go. There is no need to worry.

I have noted all. His Majesty has presented Sanghada-na for five times. When offering the Sanghada-na, His Majesty always pledges his intention every time. The royal guard said, “Luang Poh, His Majesty has not pledged his intention on another three more containers. I will bring those to present later.”

Every time His Majesty presented Sanghada-na, it is plentiful. Each time, there are eight gunny bags of rice and other things loaded in a six-wheeled truck. An officer from the Royal Secretary department told me that His Majesty has pledged his intention to offer all of them.

When you want to offer anything to the Sangha, try to pledge your intention. Some time the wife asks husband to pledge. The husband is annoyed and does not pledge. Be careful that you will not obtain merit.

I would like to inform that, every ninth date of the month when we chant Dhammacakka verse I also pledge my personal intention that I will not take even a penny from the donation on that day. Since morning, I will collect the donation received all through the day to present it to His Majesty at the end of the year. So that he can use it for developing the country.

Recently, I have been granted an audience with HRH Princess Mahachakri Sirindhorn on the occasion of Her Royal Highness 40th birthday. I have presented the amount of 100,000 baht for her personal purpose, because I realize that she has a large burden in supporting more than 700 children around the border.

May all of you progress today. Continue to make merit and transfer to His Majesty. I would like to ask from those of you who have done bad things. Throw them away. Present goodness to His Majesty King Bhumipol the Great and Her Majesty the Queen, the couple who have excellent virtue.

I would like to rejoice with and thank all male and female worshippers including relatives and patrons from near and far who have come to join in the transference of merit to Their Majesties today.

May all of you be prosperous like the name Jayabadhna Foundation, which His Majesty has set up. (Jaya – victory, badhna – prosperous, development.) May all your wish come true. May you be fortunate, victorious, rid of evil and misfortune from today onward.

May all of you be prospered in age, complexion, happiness, energy, wit and wealth. May all of your wish come true. Please pay attention to receiving the blessing and transfer merit to His Majesty consecutively. Master of ceremony addressed.

Please pay attention in radiation of loving-kindness and transference of merit. Put your right hand on top of your left hand. Bend your head down a little when reciting the brief Radiation of Loving-Kindness verse.

Sabbe satta- Sabbe pa-na-
Sabbe bhu-ta- Sabbe puggala-
Sabbe attabha-vapariya-panna- Sabbe itthiyo
Sabbe purisa- Sabbe ariya-
Sabbe anariya- Sabbe deva-
Sabbe manussa- Sabbe vinipa-tika

All specific and non-specific sentient beings, who are in the east, the west, the north, the south, the south-east, the north-west, the north-east, the south-west, the lower or the upper.

Avera-. Please be happy. Do not have enmity against each other.
Abaya-pajjha-. Please be happy. Do not pledge vengeance and persecute each other.
Ani-gha-. Please be happy. Have no suffering and sorrow.
Sukhi- atta-nam. pariharantu. Be physically well off and happy. Protect yourself from all sufferings and dangers.

Raise both hands up, with joined palm, restrain your mind. Emit your mind current from your forehead toward the Grand Palace. Transfer merit to the King first.

Itam. maha-ra-ja Bhu-mibalassa sa ra-jini-ya- hotu. Suhkita- hontu mahara-ja- sa rajini-. May this merit be succeeded to his Majesty the King Bhumipol the Great and Her Majesty the Queen. May His Majesty the King Bhumipol the Great and Her Majesty the Queen be happy.

Itam me ma-ta-pitunam. hotu sukhita- hontu ma-ta-pitaro. May this merit be succeeded to my mother and my father. May my mother and my father be happy.

Itam. me n~a-tinam. hotu sukhita- hontu n~a-tayo. May this merit be succeeded to all my relatives. May all my relatives be happy.

Itam. me guru-pajjha-ya-cariya-nam. hotu sukhita- hontu gurupajjha-ya-cariya-. May this merit be succeeded to my teachers and my preceptors. May my teachers and my preceptors be happy.

Itam. sabbadeva-nam. hotu sukhita- hontu sabbe deva-. May this merit be succeeded to all dieties. May all dieties be happy.

Itam. sabbapeta-nam. hotu sukhita- hontu sabbe peta-. May this merit be succeeded to all hungry ghosts. May all hungry ghosts be happy.

Itam. sabbaveri-nam. hotu sukhita- hontu sabbe veri-. May this merit be succeeded to all karma creditors. May all karma creditors be happy.

Itam. sabbasatta-nam. hotu sukhita- hontu sabbe satta-. May this merit be succeeded to all sentient beings. May all sentient beings be happy.

Concentrate on receiving the blessing next…..

Credit: eBooks. Wat Amphawan.