Chapter 03: Congratulatory Message

Dr. Kovit Varaphiphat

I wish to pay my utmost respect to :

The Most Venerable Chao Khun Phra Dhammarajanuvat

The Most Venerable Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol, the Ecclesiastical Governor of Phromburi

The Honourable Governor of Singburi Province

The Commander of Special Infantry Division One

The Director of Thepsatri Teachers’ College

And every honourable guest.

It is the first time for me to have the opportunity to come to this monastery. Before this I have only heard the name of the monastery. It is my understanding that this monastery is a pleasantly cool, clean and orderly place. It is suitable to send someone here to observe and to promote it as an ideal model for all monasteries and schools, that this is a monastery which at the same time can be used as a national park for educational purposes.

By the term “National Park for Education”, I mean to say that if we feel that a monastery or school is cool and shady, clean, and orderly, and provides knowledge to anyone who visits it, it ought to be regarded as a place beneficial to the general public, just as a national park is.

Therefore, at this moment we are trying to encourage about 37,000 schools and 38,000 monasteries all over the kingdom to develop in accordance with this notion that they may all become shady and cool, clean, simple and peaceful places where people can seek knowledge and find some peace.

If students happen to find themselves in places like this monastery, I am sure they will love it and their minds will be more calm and refined due to the environment. Whatever we want to teach or impart to them, they would probably be more receptive. When we enter such a monastery, not only will we feel cool, comfortable and peaceful, we will also be able to gain some knowledge from the environment and from the monastery itself.

If you think of asking me what a national park should be like, perhaps the answer is that there are a number of models all of which are based on the natural structures of natural parks.

I have heard about the good work of the most Venerable Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑an ฺamongkol, and I know that he has many disciples and followers. I also know that even the provincial governor of Singburi and many members of his administrative office came here three days ago to receive some practice and training in Dhamma and meditation. Thus, I am very delighted that today I have the honour of being able to come here to bear witness to the pleasant conditions of this monastery. I am also pleased that members of the Public Relations Deparment of the Ministry are also here so that they can widely inform the general public about the beauty and serenity of this monastery.

I have expressed my great appreciation at Thepsatri Teachers’ College and the Council for the Training of Teachers about the importance of a place like this monastery, and reminded them there are not many monks like Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol, who has done so much for people in the rural areas.

I also know that Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol has not only been conferred an Honorary Degree in Education by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince on behalf of His Majesty The King of Thailand, but the Most Venerable Phra Rajsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol has also been conferred an honorary degree from the Mahachulalongkorn Rajvidyalaya.

The Venerable Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol has been presented with many awards and honorary awards befitting one who is a spiritual leader of the rural people. He is determined to create a good society by persistently teaching people from all walks of life, and he never shows signs of fatigue or tiredness in spite of his heavy duty. In addition, he is well-versed in Dhamma- Vinaya (the teaching and discipline as set by the Buddha) and his sermons can be easily understood by common folks. Many people are said to have benefited by his teaching and the actual practice of meditation. Though he has been kept busy by various activities, he always finds time to teach both the laity and the monks and novices.

It should be acknowledged that Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺa-mongkol is an example of a good teacher of whom we should be proud. We should help him maintain his good intentions and work so that future generations will know about his honourable service and dedication to the moral well-being of the general public.

I wish to express my appreciation and pleasure over the accomplishments of Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol. May he prosper and glow in Dhamma and continue his work throughout his whole life.

Credit: eBooks. Wat Amphawan.