Chapter 02: King Naret the Great manifests a miracle in America


Phra Dhepsinghapuracariya

Today I will tell a strange story about King Naret manifesting a miracle in America. Before telling the story, I want to refer to the cause of Mr. Pramuan Rujanaseri’s organizing the making of the King Naret medal.

At that time Mr. Pramuan Rujanaseri was transferred from his position of Deputy-Governor of Prachinburi Province to be the Governer of Maehongson Province. The Burmese and Karen came to rob the Thais, taking the Thai’s valuables. There was not enough police force to handle the case.

Mr. Pramuan Rujanaseri thus sent a radio message to ask for urgent help from the Third Division of the Royal Thai Army. After sending the message, it occurred to him that if the soldiers arrived they would shoot down the Karen and Burmese. It would be sinful.

He thought of King Naret the Great, imploring the Great King to help protect himself and the Thai people. Suddenly, it became cloudy and the rain poured down heavily. People saw an image of King Naret in the sky pouring down water. The one who caught that sight made a sketch of his image.

When the plane arrived with a full load of arms, it could not land, because of the bad storm and heavy cloud cover. The Army plane had to return to Chiangmai.

On the spot where the fighting was taking place, Burmese and Karen could not withstand the heavy rain. So, they fled back to the Burmese border, leaving behind the booty that they had taken. The Thai people were safe. Then King Naret’s image in the sky vanished. After that, the sky was suddenly clear. The plane could land. But the Burmese had fled away.

This occurrence inspired Governor Pramuan Rujanaseri to make the King Naret medal. The front side of the medal is a bas-relief of King Naret the Great down to the waist, pouring water from a container. The backside is the map of Thailand with the Dhammacakka in the middle and the inscription “Thai people protect the homeland with Buddhist doctrine.” This is in accordance with the first Royal Decree of H.M. the King, “We shall rule by righteousness for the benefit of the people.”

When the medals were finished, Mr. Pramuan Rujanaseri presented them to Somdech Phra Nanasamvara, the Supreme Patriarch, for him to radiate his lovingkindness to the medals. After that, he gave one to each civil servant of Maehongson who had come to practice meditation, which he organized in Maehongson Province.

A year after, Mr. Pramuan Rujanaseri was transferred to be the Governor of Prachinburi. He organized 12 classes for a meditation training session. Those attending ranged from the Governor and civil servants to the Heads of Sub-Districts and Village Headsmen, and others. The Governor promised that he would give one medal to each who attended.

I would like to add here that to radiate loving-kindness to any amulet, it is necessary that it be done by a superior monk. It is not correct to take a sacred image to any monk to radiate his loving-kindness to it, as we do not know the level of the spiritual attainment of the monk’s mind. The Supreme Patriarch is the most senior monk of the country.

At the end of the training session for class 10, officers from the Military Map Regiment, Supreme Command Office, Ministry of Defense were still in meditation training. On the morning of the 13th of July 1991 I departed for the U.S.A. I asked for a handful of medals from the Governor. I pinned one to my kitbag and wrapped the others in a plastic bag.

At Don Muang Airport, the Consul and important guests came to greet me. So, I gave some to them. Only a few were left with me. Departing Don Muang at 8 am., we stopped for refueling in Seoul for 45 minutes and flew across the ocean, taking 11 hours to arrive at Los Angeles, U.S.A. On that same morning, the 13th of July 1991, it was daytime in Thailand, but in America it was nighttime.

Now, as it happened there was a daughter of a certain family in Los Angeles. The father was an American historian. The mother was of Chinese descendant who used to live in Yaowaraj in Bangkok. They are very wealthy.

The girl dreamt that a monk from Thailand came to her place with one of the King Naret medals, which she described. The monk only had one medal left in his kitbag and he gave it to her. She was very pleased.

While she was asleep dreaming, I had already boarded the plane. After Don Muang, I had about 10 medals left. After passing through the immigration checkpoint, I gave the remaining away.

While staying in America, about two days before my return, there was a certain doctorate degree graduate whose three wives had committed adultery. He said he would marry yet another one.

I told him not to do so. “If you marry another woman, she will commit adultery. Your law of Karma, Kamesumicchacara (Sexual misconduct), follows you. You are a Ph.D. graduate and a good man. Why have your wives committed adultery? This is because 60 per cent of your Law of Karma for this life is Kamesumicchacara, which calls upon you. Do not forget this. You will know it through meditation.

He offered to take me for a drive. At that time, my patrons – Amnaj, Sunee, Vibulporn, Dr. Ginggaew – had gone on their own way. This man said, “Luang Poh, you are invited to come with me.” So, I went with him.

He drove up the hills. There were plenty of homes there. Remember, in America whoever lives on the hill is rich. In Thailand, if a Thai lives on a hill, he is considered as having seized the monkey’s living place. He is so poor that he has no acceptable place to live.

On the hill, flowers were growing so beautifully. The car arrived in front of a large house. The driver said, “Luang Poh, are you thirsty? We can stop here for a while. The owner of this house is very kind. He is my good friend. His daughter is beautiful.”

That was the deity inspiring the driver to stop. I said that I did not mind stopping because I had no attendants with me. So, he pulled up in front of the house, sounding a horn. The daughter ran out, saying, “You are invited.” The Doctor was surprised asking, “Luang Poh, do you know her?” I could have made a false claim then. I had never known her before. How could she address me correctly?

She said, “Luang Poh, I am so glad. Please accept my invitation.” She sounded like she had known me for ten years.

So, I entered the house. The first sight I saw a large photograph of Marshall P. Pibulsongkram. I have been to many government offices in Thailand, but none of them have a photograph of Marshall P. at all. Her father was a historian who had collected photographs of important persons. There were King Naret and King Tak Sin as well. When I saw the photo of Marshall P. Pibulsongkram, I thought of our Thai ancestors. Her father talked to me in English, “Of all good executives, servicemen and governors, none exceeds Marshall P.” He regarded Marshall P. highly.

When I was seated, her father greeted me and sat on a chair. Her mother greeted me and went out to prepare some drinks for her guests. Their daughter was good looking, with a prominent nose and yellow skin, with a fair complexion like the mother, unlike general Westerner skin. She seemed like she had known me for many years.

After I had a drink of water, she came to pay obeisance, prostrating three times saying, “I would like to extend my greeting. Now I will tell you a strange story that I’m not sure if it’s true or not. If it is, I would like to ask you please.”

I, as well as the Doctor, was surprised . Her spoken Thai was fluent. She said, “On the 13th of July I dreamt that a Thai monk came to our place. He had a King Naret Medal with him.”

I asked, “What does King Naret look like?”

She said, “Top part, pouring water. On the other side there is a map of Thailand and Thai script saying ‘Thai people protect the homeland with Buddhist doctrine.’ If there really is such a medal in your kitbag, I would like to ask for it from you, please.” Then she held a pedestaled tray in her hand, waiting.

The Doctor said, “Luang Poh, what kind of medal have you got? You haven’t given me one.”

I told the daughter that I wasn’t sure if I still had one or if I had dropped it. I could not say I would give it to her until I had a look. When I put my hand in the kitbag I unpinned the medal. Her father hurriedly got off his chair to the floor to receive it. I had only one left.

The day after, this family brought some sweets to present to me in Los Angeles. The Doctor talked a lot about this. Many people tried to search in my kitbag. But I said I had none left. I’d given all the others away since arriving at the airport. This was the story about King Naret that I experienced myself.

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