Chapter 01: An Acknowledgement of the Honourable Contribution Of Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol

An Acknowledgement of the Honourable Contribution of Phra Ra‐jsuddhi๑a‐n ฺ amongkol

His Majesty the King of Thailand, with Royal Kindness and Compassion, has conferred a religious hierarchical honour and presented the hierarchical Fan of Honour to Phra Bha‐vana‐visuddhikhun, the abbot of Wat Ambavana, Singburi District, Singburi Province, as

Phra Ra‐jsuddhi๑a‐n ฺamongkol Sriphahonnarathorn

Dhammikakhanissorn Bovornsangkharamakhamavasi who has attained the status of a monk who has offered beneficial contribution to the country and the religion, on the occasion that marks the sixtieth birthday of Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand on 12 August 1992.

Credit: eBooks. Wat Amphawan.