Chapter 08: Radiate Loving-Kindness to Teach Meditation

Phra Narin Subhakaro

After patron Trirat and patron Sunee had related the story to me, both told me other stories during Luang Poh’s trip to Europe including the story occurred on the seventh day of the trip, which was Friday the 20th of July 1993. That day Luang Poh was in Paris, France. The group, consisted of Luang Poh, Khun Amnaj Buasiri, Khun Chaweerat Kasetsundara, Khun Pratueng Jiapaikaew, Khun Trirat Bhasavegin, Khun Sunee Pantasuporn and Khun Somjit Yanwattana, made a trip to Flight Sergeant Nipon Sritongin’s house.

They met a girl called Miss Nidjitra, daughter of a Laotian couple. That day the group returned to the hotel at around 7 o’clock in the evening. A group of Thai patrons, including Khun Nipon’s party was waiting for Luang Poh there. He talked and taught the group for about one hour before going to patron Nipon’s house according to the invitation. Luang Poh’s group started off at around 8 o’clock or more, arriving Khun Nipon’s house at 9 o’clock. There, another group of about twenty patrons was waiting. He conversed with the waiting patrons for about 30 minutes, a girl came in with her parents. She crawled in to pay obeisance to Luang Poh, called for her parents to see and spoke in Laotian language, “This is the monk who came to see me in my dream. It was him, definitely.”

At that time, Luang Poh asked Khun Susan – Khun Nipon’s wife, what the girl said. Khun Susan, who could speak Laotian, translated for Luang Poh. She also told Luang Poh the story and interpreted the conversation between Luang Poh and Nidjitra. Luang Poh asked, “Are you sure it was this monk?” The girl replied, “It was this monk, definitely, wearing glasses as well.” Luang Poh said, “There are several monks like this in Thailand. Many of them wear glasses.” The girl replied, “It was this one. I remember clearly. I can remember even when looking at the side. The figure was like this. The voice was like this. He wore glasses too. It was this one.” So, Luang Poh continued, “if I had come to teach, what did I teach?” The girl said, “You taught me to practise meditation.” Luang Poh asked, “How did I teach you to practice? How do you practise ‘standing thus’? How do you practise walking meditation?” She could practise all those. Luang Poh had conversed with the girl. She was still young then, about sixteen years of age. She was small and thin like an unhealthy person.

After meeting Luang Poh, every thing has improved. The girl has become joyous and improved emotionally. Her meeting with Luang Poh that day was like a changing of her life. It was like she met something she has wanted. When she received it she was glad. Luang Poh had a conversation with that group of patrons until past midnight before returning to the hotel. When I heard this story, I thought of the time when Luang Poh called me to teach that telepathy could come in a form of written message when radiating loving-kindness. He told me that:- He studied how to send telepathy from Chao Khun Ariyagunadhara (Seng, Pusso – 5th grade Pali graduate) of Wat Suan Kwang, Khonkaen Province when he travelled to Khonkaen in 1951.

Although difficult, telepathy can be done. One has to practise until the mind is really tranquil, without being incoherent. Then one can transmit telepathy. Suppose we would like to send telepathy to European countries, we start with chanting and practising meditation until our mind is tranquil. When we finish the meditation session, chant the radiation of loving-kindness verse sabbesatta- etc. Then chant the transference of merit verse Itam. no etc. After that, think of European countries. Think which way they are and think of relatives who are in that way. Restrain our mind and send telepathy. If the mind is good and concentration is good, the telepathy can come out in written form. This is like when Luang Poh send telepathy to bid farewell to Khun Charn Kornsritipa before Luang Poh had the neck-breaking accident. (Refer to Law of Karma Vol. I: The Fruit of Luang Poh’s Karma.) Seven days before that trip to Europe, Luang Poh had radiated loving-kindness every night to clear the way. He also made a wish, “Any one who had been my relatives in the past existences living in Europe, please come to meet me during my trip.

May the mind power from my loving-kindness adhere to my teachings from this moment on.” The result of his radiation of loving-kindness caused Miss Nidjitra to dream that a Thai monk had come to teach her meditation practice and wrote his teachings for her for seven nights. That corresponded to the time which Luang Poh had radiated his loving-kindness.

Also, there were relatives and patrons in Europe coming to greet him along the way. One male follower who came to greet Luang Poh and invited him to his house until this peculiar story occurred, was Flight Sergeant Nipon Sritong-in. He had compiled each piece of the story.

He was also present in the event. Patron Nipon told that…

Credit: eBooks. Wat Amphawan.