Chapter 02: A Proclaimation in Praise of the Honourable Accomplishment Of Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol

Dr. Nichet Sunthornphitak

With utmost respect to :

All Venerable Monks who are Most Venerated

The Chief Councilor of The Council for Teachers’ Training

The Governor of Singhburi Province

And all Honourable Guests

In accordance to the unanimous resolution of the Council for Teachers’ Training, an honorary degree in Educational Studies, which is a programme of Social Studies, is to be presented to Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol, the abbot of Wat Ambavana, in Phromburi District of Singburi Province, on account of the fact that the Venerable Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺa-mongkol is a dutiful monk of excellent moral principles and conduct who inspires faith and respect among Buddhists all over the country. He possesses strong determination in carrying out his work of teaching and developing people and society which gives rise to personal happiness and social orderliness.

On the occasion of His Majesty the King having compassionately requested His Royal Highness the Crown Prince to kindly confer university degrees on His Behalf to graduates of all teachers’ training colleges all over the kingdom between 3-26 February 1993, the Chief Councilor for Teachers’ Training had, on the 12 Feb, 1993, which was the day when all graduates from Thepsatri Teachers’ College were to receive their degrees, presented the credentials with regard to the good fame and honour of Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol, to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince with the purpose of seeking the royal conferring of an honorary university degree in Education for the Venerable Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol.

The permanent undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, who is also the Chief Councilor for Teachers‘ Training, was able to secure the said degree conferred by His Majesty The King on the day mentioned and to present to the Venerable Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol on this day.

I, on behalf of the Council for Teachers’ Training, beg to report on the accomplishment of Ven. Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺa-mongkol so that all honourable guests who assemble here will have some idea of who he is and what his achievements are. The report is as follows :

Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol is one with ability to teach and instruct about Dhamma – Vinaya and vipassana meditation to monks and novices as well as to the laity. It is absolutely befitting for him to have received praise and honour by the event of having been conferred, with royal consent and appreciation, an honorary degree in the programme of Social Studies in the year 1992.

Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol is 64 years old at present. He was born on 15 Aug., 1928 in the village of Muang Mu in Singburi District of Singburi Province. He is the son of Mr. Phair Chanyarak and Mrs. Jerm ( Sukprasert ) Chanyarak.

A Record of Academic Education

He finished his education at the level of fourth year of high school from Suvit Daramas High School in 1944.

He was ordained on 15 July 1948 at Wat Phromburi of Phromburi District, Singburi Province. After ordination he studied the Dhamma – Vinaya (discipline of monks).

He also studied meditation from many other monasteries.

He studied meditation from a very renown monk named Luang Poh Derm in the province of Nakhorn Sawan. Another meditation teacher of his was Luang Poh Lee and Chao Khun Ariyagunathorn from Khorn Kaen Province. He studied vipassana meditation from the famous meditation monk name Luang Poh Sod of Wat Pak Nam, Phasicharoen District of Dhonburi.

He also studied with a Burmese monk named Tejin at Wat Ra-ghang, Dhonburi.

A Record of His work

After his ordination, since the year 1948, Phra Ra-jsuddhia-n ฺamongkol tried to learn Dhamma – Vinaya and meditation both in Wat Phromburi, where he was ordained, and also at other monasteries, acquiring great skill and knowledge. In the year 1957 he became the abbot of Wat Ambavana, a position he has held to present.

His work

(1) The Developing of Wat Ambavana

He has transformed the compound of the monastery, making it clean, shady cool and conveniently suitable for the practice of meditation. He has been teaching and helping to develop the mind. His monastery has been favoured as an ideal model of a “well – developed” monastery.

(2) The Administration of the Sangha

Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol laid down in detail the rules and regulations for monks who stay at Wat Ambavana for the annual “rains retreat” or “ pansa ”. He himself proves to have set a good example for the monks in the monastery.

(3) Teaching and Spreading Buddhism

He has maintained a school for the monks to study Dhamma and also a place for the laity to practise meditation since 1957.

(4) The Writing of Books to Spread Dhamma

He has written a lot of books about Dhamma. He has them printed and distributes them to people and various offices and institutions. The more regular ones are in volumes called The Law of Karma – Dhamma Practice. The first volume was printed in 1987. At present, the sixth volume is already on the shelf. On account of his great ability, Phra Ra-jsuddhia-n ฺa-mongkol has thus been awarded various honourable titles and positions :


He was conferred the royal rank of Phra Khru Bha-vana-visuddhi for his development of Wat Ambavana.


He received The Fan of Honour from the Supreme Patriach for the excellent development of his monastery. 1975 He received the position of ecclesiastical governor of Phromburi District.


He received an award as an outstanding social worker. 1985 He received “The Pillar of Dhammachak” from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for his efforts in encouraging and inviting Buddhist followers to practise meditation seriously.


He received an award from General Prem Tinasulanonda, the ex-prime minister, as the outstanding developer of the project “Land of Gold, Land of Dhamma”. 1988 He was appointed as a member of the “Committee of Royal Monks” with the title of Phra Bha-vana-visuddhikhun.


He received an award from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for his outstanding encouragement in Thai culture.


He was conferred the title of “Phra Ra-jsuddhi- na-n ฺamongkol”.


He received an honorary doctorate degree from Maha Chulalongkorn Rajvidyalaya University.

Thepsatri Teachers’ Training College takes greatest delight in the fact that the Council for Teachers’ Training has made the unanimous decision to present Phra Ra-jsuddhi-na-n ฺamongkol with an honorary degree in Education in Social Studies.

Now the auspicious time has come and I humbly invite the permanent Vice Secretary of the Ministry of Education who, as the chief councilor of the Council for Teachers’ Training, is to present the honorary degree to the Venerable Phra Rajsuddhia-n ฺamongkol.

Credit: eBooks. Wat Amphawan.