Chapter 02: His Majesty’s Faith to Wat Ambhavana

Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol

Their Majesties the King and Queen have faith and have presented sanghadana and meal expense for monks and novices of Wat Ambavana, since 1994. Officers from the Royal Guard and Royal Secretary Department have made the co-ordination. Royal representatives who have brought the sanghada-na to present are Mr. Uthai Suvancinta, Assistant Secretary to the Royal Household Department and Colonel Vallop Jayaswasti, the Royal Guard. Dates of presentation are as follows.

First time Friday, the 4th February 1994; corresponding to the ninth waning moon of the second month in the year of monkey.

Second time Friday, the 1st July 1994; corresponding to the eighth waning moon of the seventh month in the year of monkey.

Third time Friday, the 25th November 1994; corresponding to the eighth waning moon of the twelfth month in the year of monkey.

Fourth time Friday, the 3rd March 1995; corresponding to the third waxing moon of the fourth month in the year of monkey.

Fifth time Friday, the 31st March 1995; corresponding to the first waxing moon of the fifth month in the year of pig

Each presentation, His Majesty donates an amount of 10,000 baht and other offerings fully loaded in a six-wheeled truck. There are eight gunny bags of rice each time. In March His Majesty presented sanghada-na twice at the beginning and the end of the month, when he was ill and after his recovery. It is a co-incidence that novices under patronage of HRH Princess Mahachakri Sirindhorn have been practicing meditation during that time.

The offerings have been the same from the first to the fifth time on the 31st March 1995. I recorded them all. The last time, there were 56 monks and novices congregated to accept the presentation in Sudhambhavana Hall. The offering contains :-

8 gunny bags Rice
1 gunny bag Refined granulated sugar.
10 metal containers A-ngoon brand vegetable oil
1 metal container Palm sugar
120 bottles Tipparos brand fish sauce
20 kilogrammes Small shallot
20 kilogrammes Garlic cloves
1 metal container Shrimp paste
1 kilogramme Dried chilli
5 kilogrammes Ground dried chilli
72 cans Canned chicken curry – Thai style
72 cans Canned chicken curry – Indonesian style
72 cans Canned fried chicken with garlic and pepper
180 packs Instant noodles
100 cans Pompui brand canned sardine in tomato sauce Salted eggs
72 cans Powdered shrimp in fresh and dried chilli flavour.
72 cans Powdered fish in dried chilli flavour.
100 cakes Lux brand soap
72 tubes Colgate brand tooth paste
72 pieces Colgate brand toothbrush
120 rolls Daly brand toilet rolls.
Hales Blue Boy brand syrup
Ajinomoto brand monosodium glutamate
Nescafe brand instant coffee
170 pieces Soft brooms
60 pieces Hard brooms
12 cans Nurse brand cocoa powder
50 sets First-aid medicine set.

I have to record all lest I forget. He has presented sanghadana for the fifth time. The offering that His Majesty has not pledged his intention cannot be presented. The Royal Guard has to bring those later.

Credit: eBooks. Wat Amphawan.