Chapter 03: Bestowal of Blessing to The Supreme Patriarch

Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol
24th September 1994

Your Highness,

I, Phra Ra-jsuddhin~a-n.amangala together with relatives, patrons, a group of disciples, male and female followers of Wat Ambavana, Promburi District, Singhburi Province.

In the auspicious occasion of life, the 3rd of October 1994, which is the birthday of the Supreme Patriarch of Thai monks and of Buddhists in this country and abroad, I and the group of disciples would like to bestow blessings to Your Highness.

Moreover, in the occasion of Your Highness birthday I and the group of disciples have faith to present suitable presents for the amount of 250,000 baht (Two hundred and fifty thousand baht only), for Your Highness to support the construction of temple in the United States of America.

I and the group of disciples, relatives and patrons recall the mercy that Your Highness has given instruction every time. We have taken Your Highness advice to practise with result as we wish.

I, together with patrons have made merit all along, intending to follow the advice given by Your Highness, by way of making donation, observing morality and practising meditation according to the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. Those are the Sangha’s activity, which have been beneficial to the public until now.

I would like to pledge and set meritorious mind to bestow a blessing to the Supreme Patriarch. May Your Highness have long life, be healthy, be rid of illness and be prosperous with dhamma.

May the Supreme Patriarch be like shelter and protection of Thai citizen staying in the country and abroad, including shelter and protection of the Thai Sangha. Long live Your Highness.

Credit: eBooks. Wat Amphawan.