Chapter 05: Compliments

Second-lieutenant Utai Chaihongs
Provincial Governor of Singhburi Province

I wish to convey my utmost respect to :

The Most Venerable Phra Dhammarajanuvat, the Ecclesiastical Regional Governor of the Third Region.

The Most Venerable Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol, Ecclesiastival Governor of Phromburi District and abbot of Wat Ambavana.

Permanent Vice Secretary of the Ministry of Education who chairs the Council for Teachers’ Training

Director – General of the Department for Teachers’ Training, Director of Thepsatri Teachers’ College.

The Commander of Special Infantry Division One.

Deputy Provincial Governor of Singburi Province.

Deputy Director – General of the Department for Teachers’ Training. Honourable teachers and guests.

Today, I, on behalf of all the government civil servants and the people of Singburi Province, beg to pay our utmost respect and compliments to the Most Venerable Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol on the auspicious occasion whereby the Venerable Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol has been conferred an honorary university degree in Sociological Studies – a programme of the Council for Teachers’ Training

Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol is the centre of all virtues of Singburi Province. He has brought together the love, faith and hearty co-operation from the people and various institutions by getting them involved in meditation practice, which forms the basis for the creation of self-sacrifice, love and compassion within the society here.

What is especially most noteworthy is that the Venerable Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺ amongkol has compassion enough not to abandon educational and moral teaching, providing continual moral support and spiritual refuge for the people, helping them to develop their mind and increase their merit, all of which will in turn lead them to a life of good quality and efficiency and enable them to achieve happiness in their families until finally there arises a society and nation which is stable, peaceful and happy.

For us, the people of Singburi Province, the most outstanding moral virtue of Venerable Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺa-mongkol is his unfailing regard for honesty as the most important moral value of all. He teaches us things which he himself is capable of practicing, and truly practises.

He teaches everyone to have a sense of honesty towards duty, one’s own self other people, in speech and moral values by being himself an ideal example.

His seriousness with regard to his duty, besides giving everyone of us great confidence, has also made every kind of work, especially in the aspect of creating people of good qualities, proceed with consistency and has met with obvious success as witnessed by all of us in this moment.

Besides teaching Buddhist followers, Phra Ra-jsuddhi-๑a-n ฺamongkol also engages himself in other charitable or social projects, such as providing food and drinking water, lodging, and housing to the needy, and has set up many beneficial activities for the well-being of the general public within Singburi Province and other provinces all over the country, all of which can be regarded as not only the actual persistent practice of Dhamma but also a truly compassionate and consistent commitment to the social well-being of the public. Many other civil servants, and I myself, have been the recipients of such benefits.

On this auspicious occasion by which the Council for Teachers’ Training has organised this ceremony for presenting an honorary degree in Educational Studies to the Venerable Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺamongkol, we, the people of Singburi Province take great pride in our great benefactor and have great joy over the occasion.

We will follow the practice of the most Venerable Phra Ra-jsuddhi๑a-n ฺ amongkol and take it as the guiding principle or the ideal example for our conduct and practice in the future.

Credit: eBooks. Wat Amphawan.