Chapter 15: Meditation Enhance Longevity – Is It True?

Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol

It has been proved that practising meditation helps to free the mind and slow down the inevitable process of aging. It is an elixir which helps one to sustain youthfulness to a certain degree. You need to practise it for only about twenty minutes a day.

In a medical journal of behavorial science, an interesting report claims that those people who practise meditation on a regular basis are likely to have in their body longevity hormones dictating an extra longer life span, ranging from five to ten years, and it also mentions about the mere need of seeking out a quiet corner for practising meditation and that you may either sit on a chair or simply on the ground in an upright position, but always try to be at ease with yourself and free your mind from all fetters.

Practising meditation enables us to get to know a life of patience and ease in better prospective. Dr. Jay Kelser of the public health centre at Lancaster, Massachusetts said that “old age is actually an accumulation of serious tensions over a long period of years.”

Doctors and experts from the medical field such as Dr. Burney Former, a professor at an American college of medicine, said with such confidence that “the practising of meditation can help to alleviate, protect and save one from such illnesses as the inflammation of joints and even cancer.” It is also known that in Holland a survey has been conducted which indicates that those who practise meditation are less likely to fall victim to illness than those who do not practise meditation. In addition, there are also reports about people who rely on mental power to cure cancer, heart disease, and physical disabilities.

Credits: eBooks. Wat Amphawan.